Rudramma doubles her income

19 June 2019

 Rudramma is a resident of Hirevankalkunte village. There are 5 members in her family, her husband and 3 children. Daugther, Rekha(22 years) and Gururaj(21 years) are both working in Bangalore after completing their Industrial Training course. Third son Manjunath(19 years) is doing his industrial training course. Husband, Devappa was employed as a driver until he met with an accident a few years back. As a driver Devappa was earning a monthly income of Rs. 5000. With the wage earnings of her husband affected, Rudramma had to look for employment to run their family. She took a 10,000 Rs. loan from Chaitanya in Nov 2010 and invested in a petty shop. Rudramma was also selling vegetables in the weekly village market. Once Rudramma knew that she would be eligible for another loan she planned to invest in a permanent vegetable selling business and in Dec 2011, she borrowed Rs. 20,000 from Chaitanya for this purpose. In the next year, 2012 she borrowed a further Rs. 25,000 and invested in a tyre repair shop at the same location which her husband would run. Since starting their business, their income has gradually risen from Rs. 5000 a month to around Rs. 10,000 today.