Women of Small Business

20 June 2019

Livestock sustains life for Nagamma

Nagamma is a resident of Kadur. From 2014, she is a member of Chaitanya. Initially, she borrowed Rs. 25,000/- to commence Livestock Business. She utilised the borrowed money in purchasing a cow and improved her business gradually to 4 cows. Chaitanya facilitated her to pay the loan amount from business expansion and also helped to improve the financial condition of the family. She wishes that Chaitanya should truly help and focus on every small business by not having to worry about the financial aspect.

Credit availability helps Geetha be a retailer

Geetha is living in Lokapura with her husband and four children. She approached Chaitanya for loan of Rs 15,000/- in 2015 for purchasing a calf and later she sold it for Rs. 40,000/-. She invested the amount in small provision shop. From past two years, Chaitanya lent funds to improve the business and now she is earning Rs 1,500/- per day from the business. She says that if it werent for her relationship with Chaitanya, she couldnt have sustained growth over the two years.

From daily wage worker to business owner

Sowbhagya Lakshmi is a member of Chaitanya, she was working for a daily wage to satisfy the basic requirement of the family. She approached Chaitanya loan for an amount of Rs. 25,000/- to start the hotel business. Now her business growth is successful and she is able to fulfil the requirement of her family. She also manages her children education form the income of business. She said that Chaitanya is a part of their success.